Credit card
  • 2020.01.14


To help customer's financial unexpected emergencies.

Loan request condition:

Loan amount Up to 3 million MNT
Interest rate /monthly/ 3.0%
Loan term Up to 24 months
Joining fee 30.000 MNT
Commission fee /annually/ 5.000 MNT
Card price 2.000 MNT
Loan repayment More than 10% of used loan

*Credit card will be available on 3-5 work days after your order.


  • No overdue loan record
  • Stable source of income

Loan request document:

  • Loan request application /3x4 photo/
  • Personal ID
  • Confirmed social security book copy in last 12 months /compare with original/
  • Employment confirmation document

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