Trust service
  • 2020.01.14

Regular term deposit

The NBFI is a reliable and risk-free way to increase the client's money over a fixed term and interest rate based on a trust agreement contact.

Trust service condition

Mongolian Tugrik

  1. Amount: Minimum of 5 million tugriks
  2. Interest rate: Monthly 1.5%, Annually 18.0%
  3. Withdrawal before maturity has a penalty rate of 6%
  4. Deposit are allowed during trust agreement term
  5. Personal Income Tax (10%) will be deducted from interest
  6. Interest will be paid at the end of the term

US Dollar

  1. Amount: 2.000 US Dollars and above
  2. Interest rate: Monthly 0.8%, Annually 9.6%

For example, by signing trust agreement with us for 10 million MNT for a period of 12 months, at maturity your asset will be increased to 11.8 million MNT.

The Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia also licenses for the provision of trust services to NBFIs with financial capabilities (statutory fund exceeding 1 billion MNT), ability to provide financial services and experience (financial services for more than 1 year).

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