Is car leasing granted to people who reside in a place other than Ulaanbaatar?

Yes. If you are available to provide at least 40% of advance fee and the criteria are met. 

If necessary, co-borrower is needed in the loan contract, and the co-borrower must be a resident of Ulaanbaatar with a fixed income.

Is it possible to close the loan early? How is interest calculated when closing a loan?

It is possible to repay the loan fully anytime before maturity of loan. No interest or penalty charge after full repayment of the loan.

What is the maximum loan term?

Loans are issued for 1 to 30 months.

What is your interest rate?

Car leasing – 2.9%, Car loan – 3.5%, depending on the market interest rate situation.

Do I have to visit physically to repay the loan fully? How to change the ownership of the vehicle?

It is not necessary to appear in person to repay the loan fully, but it is necessary to appear in person to change the ownership of the vehicle. If you are not available to visit our branches, you should send your attorney or person which is given power of attorney.  

What is required to change ownership of the vehicle?
  • Ownership request
  • National ID of person new owner
What documents are required to get a car leasing loan?
  1. National ID
  2. Last 6 months bank statement
  3. A copy of vehicle custom import receipt or certificate of vehicle
  4. Other
How fast is the loan issued?

Loan can be issued in one day If there’s any bad credit and the documents are complete.

Can yard and house be used for collateral?
  • Yes, it’s possible to issue a loan depending on location, house type and land use certificate.

What types of properties are considered as collateral for a loan?

All types of real estate, vehicles, and an asset that can be valued in money

Can a person with another loan get a car leasing loan?
  1. Yes, it’s available to issue car leasing If the income is sufficient and passes the requirements.

Will interest rates be decreased for repeated loans?

It’s possible for customers who get a loan from our NBFC multiple times.

Can loan be given to a self-employer who doesn’t pay social insurance

It will be depending on loaner’s credit history in the database and loan purpose. For more information: Call +976-76071818

What is prime e-loan?

Prime is designed to help customers meet their emergency personal financial needs in 30 seconds with no collateral. You can get a loan of up to 2 million MNT.

How to get a loan from Prime App?
  • Sing-up

Download the app and fill the every section accurately.

  • Make a contract

Go to GSB Branches and make a contract

  • Get a loan

You can get a loan anytime, anywhere by using the Prime app.

What documents are required to make a contract?
  • National ID card
How to make a contract?

In order to make digital loan contracts, you need to visit GSB Capital branches physically. The contact is valid for unlimited period and you can get multiple loan. Upon conclusion of the contract, Digital credit is legally valid. Please note that bring a national ID card and a bank statement.

What are the loan requirements?
  • Must be a citizen of Mongolia who has reached 18 years of age.
  • Have regular social security payments or income from a private business
  • No bad credit history
Is payment date reminded?

The reminder is sent to the registered phone number 2 days before the date of repayment.

Are the loans must be paid in person?

It’s possible to make a transaction to the account specified in the contract with details including name, ID number, and vehicle plate number

How is the amount of loan calculated?

It’s calculated by a program based on your financial and personal information. Therefore, You can increase the amount of loan by enlisting the bank account, and filling all эху information on application accurately.

How to pay off the loan
    1. Pay by bank transfer
    • Account No. 406113705 Trade Development Bank
    • Reciever: GSB Capital NBFI
    • Details of payment: Phone number, 6digit number starting with R


    1. You can use QR code from our menu
    2. If you have more than one credit, you can choose payment order by yourself.
    3. Loan repayment is calculated in the order of late interest, fees and principal.
    4. Loan repayment can be paid in installments over the selected period and commission will be deducted from the first payment. If the principal is not paid in full, no credit rights will be created by the installment payment.
    5. If you write details of payment down wrong, the payment is not recognized by the program and will be automatically allocated to the wrong transaction section.
What happens if the loan payment is late
  1. We will send a payment reminder by message.
  2. When the loan is overdue, no credit services will be available until you make repayments.
  3. According to the regulations of the bank of Mongolia, Credit score will be downgraded in the Bank of Mongolia’s credit database by loan overdue information, and it is not possible to obtain loans and leasing services from other banks and financial institutions.